Review: Happy Hour @ the pig

As the name suggests, the pig is a pork-centric establishment with a whiskey-forward beverage program. That, for me, is a match made in heaven. When I heard that they offer solid food and drink specials during happy hour seven days a week, I had to check it out. I’ve now been twice, and this review aggregates those visits.

the pig’s happy hour menu includes selected house cocktails, wines, beers (draft and bottled), and, the piece de resistance, bourbon flights that change weekly. Also available are a variety of food items suitable for all ranges of appetites.

Whiskey flight

I started (predictably) with a bourbon* flight, a selection a four half-shots complete with tasting notes for $8. On offer during my first visit were: Defiant Single Malt, Bernheim Wheat Whiskey, Tin Cup American Whiskey, and Dad’s Hat Rye. To my delight, these were all whiskeys I had not previously tried, so this made for a great opportunity to taste new whiskeys on the cheap. The selection was well balanced, and the inclusion of a mild single malt was a unexpected yet entirely enjoyable.  The flight that I tried on our next visit was equally well assembled.

*If one chooses to be pedantic, and I often do, these should technically be described as whiskey flights, but I’ll forgive the nomenclature in light of the value. 

Hazard County Iced Tea

To my astonishment, the missus went with a bourbon-based drink, the Hazard County Iced Tea ($8). Given that her palate typically favors things fruity, sweet, and made with Malibu, I was even more astonished when she said she exclaimed that the tea was “amazing!” A brief sip of my own confirmed her assessment. It’s an almost dangerously smooth beverage, the sort that could really catch you off guard if you fail to pay attention.

The Squealer | Photo credit: Yelp user Jillian B.

On our second visit, the missus tried The Squealer, made with mint-infused vodka and house-made lemon cordial. It was, by her account, delightful and refreshing, perfect for one of the first warm days of the year.

With drinks ordered, it was time to move onto the food.

The Little Pig

“The Little Pig” ($22) is a delightful selection of charcuterie, pickled vegetables, toasted and spiced nuts, and assorted other goodness. Nearly everything on the plate is prepared in-house, and the precise combination of meats and vegetables changes regularly.
Don’t let the name fool you or the price scare you away: it’s a substantial amount of delicious food, and it’s beautifully presented, to boot. We especially enjoyed the bleu cheese-stuffed piquillo peppers and the duck liver pate, and the mortadella paired wonderfully with the house-made spicy mustard.

The burger | Photo credit: the pig

The burger ($10 w/o fries) does not escape the pork-centric theme, with ground pork comprising 20% of the patty and a large piece of face bacon topping it. The addition of habanero mayo and red onion marmalade balance out what might be an otherwise overwhelmingly savory experience, and the tender, buttery roll holds it all together perfectly. It was delectable. I want another just writing this.

Pulled pork sandwich | Photo credit: @fullerrunsfar

Up next, the pulled pork sandwich ($8, mac & cheese not included). Served on the same delicious bun as the burger, the pulled pork was good but not great. It was tender and juicy, but something was lacking. Others may disagree here, but I’ve been spoiled by some truly wonderful pulled pork over the years, a distinct benefit of having “the BBQ Jew from Philly” as an acquaintance. That said, I’d give the pig’s rendition another try–maybe our scoop was just missing out on a good amount of spicy bark.

Overall Rating: A (Excellent)

the pig offers happy hour (at the bar only) Monday-Thursday from 4-7 and Friday-Sunday from 3-7.


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